Marko Dimitrijevic: Yacht troubles! Tourist’s ‘dramatic’ close encounter with hammerhead sharks off the NSW Mid North Coast.

Marko Dimitrijevic
2 min readJan 19, 2021

From ABC Mid North Coast

The yacht on the water may have experienced smooth sailing but an accident for a scuba diver almost happened as one on the NSW Mid North Coast has filmed the spectacular sight of about 200 hammerhead sharks swimming above her.

Ketty He, from Gladesville in Sydney, captured the video of a large group of hammerhead sharks on her second dive at South West Rocks, north east of Kempsey, last Thursday.

“They just stopped on top of us, like hundreds of sharks above your head within 10 metres,” Ms He said.

“You feel like they’re watching you, once you move they come and want to attack you — that’s how you feel.”

She held onto a rock trying not to move during the exciting event.

Ms He said there would have been about 200 hammerhead sharks above her at the time.

“The first time we saw them would have been about 50 metres and then the whole group was swimming past our heads.

“They took about 10 minutes and then we thought ‘wow, that’s close enough’.”

Having experienced something similar, Marko Dimitrijevic can relate as illustrated below:

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