Marko Dimitrijevic is a big fan of The Ultimate Wildlife Photography Tutorial

Marko Dimitrijevic
1 min readFeb 11, 2021

The last few days I’ve taken to referencing some of the better wildlife photography websites and resources out there and today I am extremely pleased to link to Photography Life’s Ultimate Wildlife Photography Tutorial.

As mentioned, there are many terrific wildlife photography resources online. However, this tutorial is truly in a league of its own. They have put together some of the best material I have seen published to date on photographing wildlife and, as a bonus, provide extra tips shared by members of their talented team. In addition, they are more than happy to accept feedback so if you’d like both a useful and interactive online experience, I highly recommend checking this out as soon as possible.

Couldn’t resist including one of my own Wildlife images- “Pollen Feast”:

Read Photography Life’s Ultimate Wildlife Photography Tutorial right here and thank me later.