What is the net worth of happiness?

What is the net worth of health?

What is the net worth of family and friends?

What is the net worth of wonderful experiences and memories

In these COVID times these questions are more pertinent than ever.

We’ve come to redefine life and our expectations many times over.

There are no write and wrong answers here. Just some thing we have to consider.

What do you think?

What is your answer to these questions?

Marko Dimitrijevic — Yacht and Seals
Marko Dimitrijevic — Yacht Photos of Seals

Getting the perfect photograph takes many things. Obviously, it takes great skill and an amazing camera. But it also takes patience, luck, and the right conditions. People who have spent thousands of hours honing their photography skills and working on getting that perfect shot can offer endless advice. One piece…

The last few days I’ve taken to referencing some of the better wildlife photography websites and resources out there and today I am extremely pleased to link to Photography Life’s Ultimate Wildlife Photography Tutorial.

As mentioned, there are many terrific wildlife photography resources online. However, this tutorial is truly in…

I, like others, do not just practice wildlife photography but really am passionate about it. While I’ve spent years trying to build up my skills in the field, the Internet is still a great place to go when you’d like some additional resources and, not surprisingly, Wikipedia’s Wildlife photography page is still a piece that I find myself referencing on a seemingly constant basis.

Polar Bear and Moon

The page truly covers all the ins and outs of the outdoor photography world and is an absolute must read for any budding photographer.

Read the full version of Wikipedia's Wildlife Photography page.

While my https://marko-dimitrijevic.org/ doesn’t particularly focus on additional industry sites, I am very keen on introducing you to the Outdoor Photographer website which has a fantastic page on wildlife photography techniques.

While I have been doing this for some time, there are many novices out there and this page provides some really fantastic tips in easy to understand English.

Iguana Eating Cactus

Obviously, with photography it is best to learn “on the job.” However, sometimes I’ll notice a resource so handy that I believe it is worthy of being shared with the greater public. Hoping you find it helpful.

See Outdoor Photographer’s wildlife photography tips help you to master the technique and skills needed for successful wildlife photography

Sometimes the best pictures happen by accident. None of the Six Sections featured in my own site: https://markophotographer.com/ cover humor as such. There is always a bright side to a wildlife image, Upworthy has taken the Comedy of animals and created a collection of 21 images.

A sense of humor…

Net worth of seeing a humpback whale in the flesh? That’s hard to answer. The perfect Humpback Whales- we can all picture them, some have been fortunate to actually photograph them:

From ABC Mid North Coast

The yacht on the water may have experienced smooth sailing but an accident for a scuba diver almost happened as one on the NSW Mid North Coast has filmed the spectacular sight of about 200 hammerhead sharks swimming above her.

Ketty He, from Gladesville in…

Marko Dimitrijevic: On a yacht you gain a unique perspective. Here is a small sample from over years of just above the water photography. Color and classic Black & White.

Enjoy this Above The Water World:

Marko Dimitrijevic shares a small sample of the years of underwater photography. Every shape, color and creature is a story in itself.

Enjoy this little Gallery:

Marko Dimitrijevic

Marko Dimitrijevic — photographer, entrepreneur, accident recovery, emerging markets expert, founder of Volta Global https://markophotographer.com/

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