Galileo is accused of heresy.

Back in the day, 1633, Galileo the physicist & astronomer is accused by the Pope Urban VIII of “heresy” in his claiming that the planet Earth revolves around the sun.

Sunset, because the world is NOT flat!

Planters hiring special staff to mark the occasion:

Planters is hiring ‘peanutters’ to drive NUTmobiles across the US.

The NUTmobiles measure 26 feet long and are designed to look like a giant peanut. Drivers who are hired for the role get to serve as a Planters brand ambassador, which the company calls a “Peanutter.”

If chosen to operate the iconic vehicle, Planters will provide training on how to drive and park the 13,000 pound NUTmobile in addition to the company’s social media requirements, since drivers are responsible for capturing moments to share on Twitter and Instagram.

The last few days I’ve taken to referencing some of the better wildlife photography websites and resources out there and today I am extremely pleased to link to Photography Life’s Ultimate Wildlife Photography Tutorial.

As mentioned, there are many terrific wildlife photography resources online. However, this tutorial is truly in a league of its own. They have put together some of the best material I have seen published to date on photographing wildlife and, as a bonus, provide extra tips shared by members of their talented team. …

I, like others, do not just practice wildlife photography but really am passionate about it. While I’ve spent years trying to build up my skills in the field, the Internet is still a great place to go when you’d like some additional resources and, not surprisingly, Wikipedia’s Wildlife photography page is still a piece that I find myself referencing on a seemingly constant basis.

Polar Bear and Moon

The page truly covers all the ins and outs of the outdoor photography world and is an absolute must read for any budding photographer.

Read the full version of Wikipedia's Wildlife Photography page.

While my doesn’t particularly focus on additional industry sites, I am very keen on introducing you to the Outdoor Photographer website which has a fantastic page on wildlife photography techniques.

While I have been doing this for some time, there are many novices out there and this page provides some really fantastic tips in easy to understand English.

Iguana Eating Cactus

Obviously, with photography it is best to learn “on the job.” However, sometimes I’ll notice a resource so handy that I believe it is worthy of being shared with the greater public. Hoping you find it helpful.

See Outdoor Photographer’s wildlife photography tips help you to master the technique and skills needed for successful wildlife photography

Sometimes the best pictures happen by accident. None of the Six Sections featured in my own site: cover humor as such. There is always a bright side to a wildlife image, Upworthy has taken the Comedy of animals and created a collection of 21 images.

A sense of humor is a characteristic that many of us assume is only found among humans. However, according to Live Science, our primate relatives — chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, and orangutans — all produce laughter-like sounds when tickled.

Koko, the gorilla that knew sign language, would tie her trainer’s shoes together, sign, “chase,” and…

Humpback Whales- we can all picture them, some have been fortunate to actually photograph them:

From ABC Mid North Coast

The yacht on the water may have experienced smooth sailing but an accident for a scuba diver almost happened as one on the NSW Mid North Coast has filmed the spectacular sight of about 200 hammerhead sharks swimming above her.

Ketty He, from Gladesville in Sydney, captured the video of a large group of hammerhead sharks on her second dive at South West Rocks, north east of Kempsey, last Thursday.

“They just stopped on top of us, like hundreds of sharks above your head within 10 metres,” Ms He said.

“You feel like they’re watching…

Marko Dimitrijevic shares a small sample of the years of just above the water photography. Color and classic Black & White.

Enjoy this Above The Water World:

Marko Dimitrijevic shares a small sample of the years of underwater photography. Every shape, color and creature is a story in itself.

Enjoy this little Gallery:

Marko Dimitrijevic

Marko Dimitrijevic — photographer, entrepreneur, accident recovery, yacht-lover, emerging markets expert, founder of Volta Global

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